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Starpeco Limited Top 100 Bitumen Road Construction Dar es Salaam Tanzania East Africa Mashariki

About Starpeco Limited

Starpeco Limited is a Tanzania Top 100 ranked Mid-Sized Company.  We are the first producer of Bitumen Emulsion in Tanzania. The company deals with:

  • Bitumen Road Construction Products
  • Conventional & Speciality Lubricants
  • On-Site Oil Testing Services
  • Security & Inspection Systems (Scanners)


Starpeco Limited Bitumen Road Construction Dar es Salaam Tanzania East Africa Mashariki

Bitumen Road Construction Products

We have all range of BITUMEN products available under one roof. Guaranteed quality BITUMEN is available all the time with competitive prices and no hidden costs.

We import, produce and distribute bitumen in various grades including the environmentally friendly bitumen emulsion made using water instead of oil.  The main grades are 60/70, 80/100, 45/50 and 150/200.


Starpeco Limited Swepco Dar es Salaam Tanzania East Africa Mashariki

Speciality Industrial Lubricants

Starpeco is the Exclusive Agent in Tanzania of SWEPCO Speciality Industrial Lubricants. These are high chemistry energy saver lubricants, blended from highly refined base stocks.

Specialty lubes are used in the most demanding conditions; such as mines, quarries, trucking, the army, high temperature conditions, fuel improvent etc.


Starpeco Limited On Site Oil Analysis Dar es Salaam Tanzania East Africa Mashariki

On-Site Oil Testing Services

As human beings test blood to know the state of their health, similarly testing of used oil can tell out the state of the oil and equipment, OSA acts as a “Blood Test” for your engine transmissions and gear boxes.

Our 10 minutes On-Site Oil Analysis tells you the important facts about the condition of the oil, such as, (continue to use or drain the engine oil).


Starpeco Limited NUCTECH Dar es Salaam Tanzania East Africa Mashariki

Security Inspection Scanners

Starpeco imports and distributes the world’s first relocatable container/vehicle inspection system, the NUCTECH, MB Series.

The MB Series, with its high penetration and small footprint, is the most efficient and cost-effective security solution for container/vehicle inspection at seaports, border crossings, airports etc.