Security Inspection Scanners

NUCTECH – Creating a Safer World

As the World seeks to ensure safety for both men and goods, STARPECO has joined the efforts to ensure Tanzania has safest ports, airports, railways and to ensure important buildings are secured from contraband, terrorists, money laundering, illegal goods (ivory, arms). Starpeco is teaming up with NUCTECH Limited to supply non-intrusive security systems in Tanzania.

NUCTECH is a prestigious high-tech firm originating from Tsinghua University in Peoples Republic of China; the firm has become global leader, as a security and inspection products supplier, specializing in radiation imaging technology offering own-brand high tech security and inspection systems or equipments.

NUCTECH owns all core intellectual property rights in the technologies of security systems. In the applied security and inspection fields, such as computed tomography CT, X- Ray Radiation imaging, tracing detection of explosives, drugs and radioactive materials monitoring NUCTECH is the world leader in design concepts and quality products.

Processes are at advance stages to supply container scanners to the Tanzania Ports Authority to modernize the Port Security and Inspection systems of containers and Motor vehicles. This is in line in supporting Big Results Now initiative.