SWEPCO Specialty Industrial Lubricants

These are high chemistry energy saver lubricants, blended from highly refined base stocks. They withstand severe working conditions and work longer, resist high heat, have long extended drains and extend a machine’s working life; reduce downtime, increase savings and profits. Specialty lubes are used in the most demanding conditions; such as mines, quarries, trucking, the army, high tempreture conditions, fuel improvent etc. and are made in Fort Worth, Texas, USA by Southwestern Petroleum Corporation of which Starpeco is the Exclusive Agent in Tanzania.

To learn more about energy saver products you may visit www.energystar.gov or swepcolube.com


Fuel Cleaners

SWEPCO 501 & 503 fuel improver – improves fuel combustion properties, reduces emissions or giving engine more power and attaining high fuel saving.