About Us

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STARPECO LIMITED company, a locally owned Tanzania Company established under Companies Act 2002 on 9th October 2006  of Incorporation No. 57901.

We deal in Petroleum Products, namely Lubricants (SWEPCO, Petrofer Brand), Bitumen Pane Grade, Bitumen Emulsion (Colabinder CRS 60 & CSS 60) and offer on Site Oil Analysis Services (OSA).

Besides, we have an Ultra Modern bitumen emulsion plant with  a production capacity of 20,000 litres per hour, located in Vingunguti Industrial Area, Dar Es Salaam. The plant also produces super cut backs & Cut backs (MC 30 & MC 70).

The company’s offices are located on Plot No. 143 Vingunguti Industrial Area, along Nyerere Road Adjacent to Bakhresa Azam Mills and Bakery Industry – Kipawa & Opposite to the JNIA Terminal 3.

The company deals with:

  • Bitumen Emulsion (Colabinder CRS 60,K1 60, CSS 60), Pen Grade: 40/50, 60/70, 80/100, and 150/250 Cut Backs and Super Cut Backs MC 30, MC 70, MC 250, MC 3,000 Performance Grade: Pg76-16, Pg70-16
  • Coldmix Products (lami Baridi)

2. Importing and distributing industrial SWEPCO specialist lubricants from USA

3. Importing, blending and distributing conventional lubricants (Petrofer )

4. OSA On-Site Oil Analysis equipment and services from USA – exclusive representative in East and Central Africa.

5. Representation of Various Manufacturer of Engineering products and Chemicals


For distribution in Tanzania:
SWEPCO specialty High Chemistry Lubricants with Southwestern Petroleum Corporation of Fort Worth, Texas, USA. Visit swepcolube.com to learn more about this company.

For distribution in East and Central Africa:
On-Site Analysis products and services with On-Site Analysis Inc. of Florida USA. Visit on-siteanalysis.com to learn more about this company.

Other Agreements/Representation

Supplying the United Nations:
United Nations Registered Supplier (UNGM) for petroleum products for UN Procurement Division, UNDP.

Supplying the Tanzanian Government:
Tanzanian Government nominated supplier of Lubricating oils and Grease to government departments, Armed Forces and Parastatal Organizations.

Representing Engineering and Chemical manufacturers:
Representing various manufacturers of Engineering and Chemical products.



  • American Chember of Commerce
  • CEO Round Table
  • Tanzania Chapter
  • Tanzania Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA)
  • Top 100 Midsized Company in Tanzania


  • United Nations Supplier
  • Tanzania National E- procurement System
  • Tanzania Electrical Mechanical and Electronics
  • Services Agency (TEMESA)- Oil Testing Services


  • University of Dar es Salaam- Highway Material Testing Laboratory
  • TANROADS- Central Materials laboratory
  • Arusha Technical College – C Laboratory

Directors and Staff

Mr. Prashant M. Patel
Co – founder and current Chairman of Starpeco Limited. Mr. Patel is a renowned business man in Tanzania. Licence holder of Miss Tanzania beauty pageant, he has a strong interest in Fine Wood Works and now Bee Keeping.

Mr. Gratian B. Nshekanabo
Co – founder and Managing Director of Starpeco Limited. Mr. Nshekanabo holds a Post Graduate Qualification in Import Management, Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Diploma in Accountancy and Business Administration. He attended several courses on Lubrication technology and has many years experience in petroleum products.

Starpeco Limited has 22 permanent staff, five of them with professional qualifications or degree holders.

Future Ambition

Starpeco Limited’s ambition is to work hard and graduate into the 101 Club in a few years through satisfied customers out of present company product portfolio.

The ambition is to realize the TOP 100 Club motto: GETTING BETTER, GROWING STRONGER AND GOING HIGHER!