OSA (On-Site Oil Analysis)

Starpeco entered into contract with On Site Analysis Inc of Florida USA for agency ship in East Africa to sell the OSA equipment and/or provide services. The agreement also covers consumables to be sold like stationery (slip) reagents etc.

As human beings test blood to know the state of their health, similarly testing of used oil can tell out the state of the oil and equipment, OSA acts as a “Blood Test” for your engine transmissions and gear boxes.

On-Site Oil Analysis (in 10 minutes) tells you the important fact about the condition of the oil (continue use or drain) the engine, transmission and gear box and it can suggest the corrective action to be taken if any.

OSA advantages are:

  • Economical advantages,
  • Maintenance advantages and
  • Application advantages
For more information on On-Site Oil Analysis visit: on-siteanalysis.com